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Manufacturing of the prefabricated roof truss system is based on connection of wooden components using nail plates pressed into them.  It allows shortening time and lowering the costs to the minimum while maintaining high quality of execution.
The first stage of implementation of the roof trusses is preparation of a design using state-of-the-art computer software to create shop documentation. For production of roof trusses we use high quality materials with suitable attestations, approvals and certificates. Then, the individual components of the trusses are precisely cut using laser cutters and saws with numerical control.  Properly cut components are placed on assembly tables and connected with nail plates using hydraulic presses. Prepared roof trusses are transported to the construction site and they are installed in time from 1 to 2 days.
Ready framework of roof trusses from our factory offers only advantages and benefits:
  • Elimination of expensive reinforced concrete roof allows significant lowering the costs of construction,
  • Elimination of support columns allowing any fit-out of the attic,
  • Perfect accuracy of dimensions of all components eliminates non-conformities at the construction site, makes installation quicker and ensures maintenance of roof planes - what is very important for installation of roof coverings,
  • Safety - high margin for safety during calculations are always taken into account,
  • Installation of prefabricated trusses is significantly shorter than traditional, tedious execution by carpenters on the construction site,
  • The highest quality of execution due to use of wood brought from Scandinavia,
  • Together with a structure you will get detailed design with storage and installation manual,
  • Material savings by optimally calculated cross-sections,
  • Extension of construction season - may be installed during whole year,
  • Industrial production ensures accuracy of dimensions due to high precision of machines what means that wastes are limited to the minimum,
Exemplary design of single-family building acc. to our design with room in the loft:
Example of truss for design of single-family house with room on the attic: