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Residential buildings are basis of our production. For one-storey high buildings the trusses are both roof framing and framework for a floor. In opposition to concrete roofs the trusses do not need load bearing wall inside what gives freedom to arrange interiors acc. to the own needs. Use of truss framework in place of concrete roof considerably lowers costs of construction.
Trusses in multi-storey houses are great solution for e.g. habitable attic. Due to use of wooden roof truss system we get additional space on the attic without any columns - what allows dividing space almost in any way.
Prefabricated roof truss systems may be used also in the vertical extensions of the buildings. Thanks to vertical extension made of prefabricated trusses it is possible to obtain additional habitable space without significant costs.
Selecting prefabricated roof truss system you may save even 50% of costs.

We offer:
  • Trusses for BUNGALOW type houses
  • Trusses with habitable attic
  • Vertical enlargement on flat roofs
  • Arc frameworks
  • Designing, evaluation, engineering consultancy, production, installation,
  • Light woodwork instead of heavy and expensive concrete roof,
  • Open space on attic without supporting columns,
  • Quick and precise installation
  • Moreover, everything comes from the one contractor, who ensures high quality of workmanship of the prefabricated roof truss systems.
Design of roof for single-family house with and attic
Designed truss on roof of the single-family house